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From the Armagh apple orchards to your plate, this is the story of Irish Black Butter.


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welcome to Irish Black Butter !

Thank you for stopping  by to visit and find out more about our ‘great new taste of Ireland.’  Irish Black Butter  was  thought up by our founder;  Alastair Bell who comes from the town of Portrush; a few miles away from the famous UNESCO World Heritage site – The Giant’s Causeway.


We’re really excited about the innovative use of Euro PGI Status  Armagh  Bramley  Apples, cider, brandy and spices which together conjure up  a smooth black butter preserve  with both savoury and sweet uses all year round !


Our journey since launch in late 2017 has been truly  amazing. We have met so many of you from throughout the World and it has been an  honour  to introduce you to our truly unique and award winning Irish product.


Many  of you have been telling us how you much you are enjoying Irish Black Butter and it is fair to say there have been some fantastic culinary ideas.  On our recipes page you can view Irish Black Butter  recipes, easy to make nibbles and  other  tasty  ideas for you to enjoy this black butter conserve.


Irish Black Butter is Vegan and Vegetarian friendly and  is also free from dairy and wheat.   So whether you are entertaining for a corporate event, banquet, dinner party, having a social get together with friends  or just having a quick bite there’s lots of reasons why you should make Irish Black Butter  your  first choice.

Spreading the love is an integral part of what we do. We love to spread the great taste of Irish Black Butter and we love to hear from you, wherever in the World you happen to be.   Maybe you have already visited us or perhaps you are planning a visit here on the island of Ireland. Our aim is that you enjoy something really tasty, traditional and packed with  Irish provenance that gives you a heartfelt  association with this island   and brings back warm memories that may even draw  you back home amongst us again.


Community is very important to us and we enjoy involving others in what we do.  Our gallery shows people and places which have and continue to form the Irish Black Black Butter story.  You are also warmly invited to join our online community at Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube.


To share something authentic, traditional, Irish with all of our people, friends and family, here in Ireland or across the World – this  is our aim. We hope that wherever you are you will join us in enjoying and  sharing Irish Black Butter – ‘ a great new taste of Ireland.’


We  have listed local Irish Black Butter stockists on our website  and  would value your supporting these as and when you can. If however, on this occasion you cannot call in with one of our  stockists  you are very welcome to purchase from our online shop.  We post Worldwide.


Business Eye/ First Trust Bank  Start-Up Business of the Year  BEFTA 2018

Chef’s Choice Award Winner:  Blas na hEireann Irish Food Awards 2018

Good luck to you all !



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A delicious product of Ireland

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