Great Christmas Uses For Irish Black Butter

Great Christmas Uses For Irish Black Butter

  Fabulous for your cheeseboard. Be sure to have plenty of jars  when entertaining family and friends.

  Hot cocktail sausages just out of the oven. Put a spoonful or two in the dish, stir around and enjoy.

A winner with your fry / grill. Try it and see for yourself. Can also be added to baked beans to make savoury beans. Glaze your Christmas ham. Smear on  plenty of Irish Black Butter about half an hour before finishing.

Indulge – dip your favourite crisps in Irish Back Butter

Smear over chicken breasts, wrap in bacon and place in the oven -.

Feast with even more cheese and Irish Black Butter. Great with Sheridans crackers. Top that burger

. Serve in a cold meat sandwich

. Nibble with some Greek style yoghurt

.  Combine with Chorizo

Enjoy with Haggis

Great on  hot soda.